Blow Outs

What is a blow out?

A blow out is a wash, condition, and blow dry experience that is pure luxury. Tell our stylist the look you are hoping to achieve with your blow out: straight, wavy, or feathery. Instead of making your arms exhausted holding the dryer in the air and yanking at your own strands, simply take the occasional arm lift to sip your complimentary glass of wine and enjoy the peace and lack of connection with the outside world (or text like crazy on your cell if you’d like; we won’t judge!).

A professional blow out is something different. The stylist will take the time to carefully and completely dry each and every section of your hair. The cuticle seals and the shine factor rises. Once your whole head is meticulously dried, you will have hair that remains fresh and shiny and bouncy for days afterwards. Sleeping on it will change its shape a bit, but you will be amazed at how healthy and good it still looks days later. The cuticle seal is the trick and is something that we ourselves don’t have the patience or arm stamina to tackle and something that your hairdresser rarely has time to tackle during your regular visits.

Your grandma knew all about the luxury of the weekly salon visit, saving her hours and hours of hair care for the rest of the week. We won’t give you the tight curl look (unless you want that!) but we will give you the feeling of freedom and beauty for days after.


The Blow Out

Wash, condition, blow dry

  • to chin – $25
  • to top shoulder – $35
  • to shoulder blades – $45
  • past shoulder blade – $55

Blow Out Add Ons

  • 10 minute scalp massage while shampooing – $10
  • Finish with waves or curls – $10
  • Flat Iron Finish – $10
  • Luxurious Deep Conditioning Treatment – $30
    Strong deep conditioner massaged into hair and scalp (five minute massage) and then left on for 10 minutes to penetrate.

Keratin Treatment

Special introductory Price – $195