Who needs lashes?

Special Occassion?

Going to cry at a wedding?

Class reunion coming up and wish you could look 10 years younger?

Lash enhancements give you youthful, sparkling eyes with no danger of smudge or smear – no matter how hot it is or how many tears shed.

Photo opportunities abound and you want to look your best?

Show your best self with gorgeous lashes. They make such a difference!

Feeling like your make-up routine isn’t working?

As we age our lashes become thinner and shorter. Our make-up routine requires more time than we have.

Lash enhancements not only take years off of your look, giving you the longer, fuller lashes of your youth; a Lash enhancing service that is coated with our LashDip Semi-Permanent mascara gives you the ability to eliminate your morning eye-makeup routine while looking better than you have in years.

Holiday Season? Vacation?

Holiday party, shopping/cooking/job/kids/life…need some extra time? No problem…

Give yourself the gift of time. Look better than ever while eliminating your morning routine! Get weeks and weeks of waking up to gorgeous, done-for-the-day-eyes.

Going on vacation and want to really take it easy? Go ahead and leave the make-up at home and feel your prettiest every day.

You never wear make-up but are feeling your age?

After getting our lash enhancements, you will feel like you dropped ten years from your look and the maintenance from your morning. Just wake up and look in the mirror. See the youthful face you have missed.


Lash enhancement services with Lash inserts will look lush and full for two-three weeks, after which you may choose to have your service “refreshed.” See the refresh description in each category for timing.


With no damage to your natural lash line and a weightless feel, our professional service will have you looking naturally beautiful. You won’t even know you have it on until you look in the mirror. Our fine, lightweight lash inserts will shed naturally over time. Finished with LashDip Semi-Permanent Mascara (See Coated Lash Services) makes your look complete. All of our solutions are formulated and made in the USA of clean, safe, FDA approved ingredients.Wake up looking amazing every day for weeks…such a treat!


Naked Lash Length and Volume

Fine LashInserts are used to custom build the length and volume your lashes need to make your eyes sparkling and gorgeous. Fully customizable, Feathery soft and natural, you will love how you look! Pick up our wonderful compatible mascara ($25) to enhance the look, or just go Naked!

(1.5-2 hrs, $180)

Note: May be refreshed continually. No need for another full service as long as good care and timing are used.

Naked Lash Refresh

Your lashes will be given a health inspection, loose inserts will be removed, lost inserts replaced. You decide when you need it. Prices based firmly on time since last appointment:

UP TO 2 weeks since last appointment…$55

UP TO 3 weeks since last appointment…$63

UP TO 4 weeks since last appointment…$75

UP TO 5 weeks since last appointment…$95

After 5 weeks a new set is required….$180

Lashes will be inspected each time for health and strength. No need to have a full removal and new system if healthy shedding is taking place.

Our services are compatible with our mascara. Non-approved mascara will damage your service. Our mascara is wonderful, does not smudge or smear, and yet comes off with just water! You’ll love it! ($25)


Coated Length and Volume System

The same customized service as the Naked Lash Length and Volume described above is followed by LashDip Semi-Permanent coating. Has the look and feel of wearing mascara over your lash service without the need to remove and apply daily.

(1.5-2 hours, $180)

Note: Coated Length and Volume Services may be refreshed twice and then a removal and new set needs to be done. See description below.

Removal and New Coated Set 

After two Refreshes of a Coated Length and Volume Service, your next service includes: removal, cleaning, lash exam, and new Coated Length and Volume Service. Committed to the health of your lash line, this removal is about preventing excess weight (layers) and ensuring fresh product on your lashes. Specially priced for our continuing clients wishing to keep their lashes looking gorgeous. 

(2 hrs, $155, a $180 value)

Coated Lash Refresh

Same as above Naked Lash Refresh but finished with a fresh coat of LashDip Semi Permanent Mascara. You may have two Coated Lash Refresh services before needing a Removal and New Coated Set. See Removal and New Coated Set service description for more information. Coated Lash Refresh pricing is same as Naked Lash Refresh pricing.

Already have fabulous lashes? You’ll love:

LashDip Service

The LashDip revolutionary Semi-Permanent mascara coating applied to your natural lashes for superior detail/design. Lasts about a month. Sweat Shower Swim…We’ve got your lashes covered. If you really love your own lashes but wish they were jet black, this is the service for you.  (1 hour, $95) 

LashDip with Corners

The above service with a few LashInserts at the outer corners of each eye for that extra pop.  (1hour $95) 


 Mind the Gap Service

For that time when you have shed in one spot creating a hole in your lush lash look, you are between services and don’t have the time for a complete refresh right now. Mind the Gap Service is 20 minutes to fill that annoying hole until your refresh!  (20min $25, includes tax and tip, cash only.)