Our Brow Service

Brow Services

Our brow manicure and maintenance are a professional tweezing that is done to respect both the natural brow shape as well as enhance your eye structure. While waxing is faster, it tends to leave you with skinny, flimsy brows over time. With each waxing, a little more of your brow contour is stripped away. Waxing also damages the skin, as can threading when not done very carefully. Both can lead to long-term consequences while harming the tender skin that everyone looking at you sees. At Iconic, our trained technicians will customize your brow shape to best suit you.

Our Brow Cosmetics

We have a line of LashDip brow cosmetics including: pencils, powders, and gels. Our products help you keep the color and vibrancy that you are trying to preserve in your brow hair. A brow cosmetic consultation and lesson is complimentary with any brow service. Just ask!


PerfectBrow Manicure

The PerfectBrow Manicure is a brow service intended for optimum brow shaping and definition using the ocular structure of the face as a point-by-point guideline. Only the “debris hair” from the shaped area will be removed with a gentle tweezing technique designed to allow healthy future brow growth without the damage or discoloration caused by waxing.

15 – 30 minutes, $35

PerfectBrow Refresh

Let your LashDip artist maintain your PerfectBrow shape year round with quick convenient refresh appointments scheduled within 6 weeks of your PerfectBrow Manicure.

10 – 15 minutes, $15

Mens Services

Clean and manicured brows make the man.